Welcome to the Sopwith Pup UK site

 This site is about the last remaining (as far as we know) Sopwith Pup. It was built in 1917 by the Standard Motors Company of Coventry, given the serial number B1807 and issue to the Royal Flying Corps. It was re-registered after the First World War as G-EAVX on the U.K. civilian register.

G-EAVX at the 1921 Aerial Derby at Hendon
G-EAVX at the 1921 Aerial Derby at Hendon

The last time it flew was in the 1921 Aerial Derby at Hendon, where it crashed and was later destroyed . . .  or so it was thought.

In 1972 the remains were found in a barn in Somerset and since that time it has undergone a slow restoration back to its’ civilian guise.

This site tells the incredible history of this Sopwith Pup and will keep readers up to date with its’ progress back to the sky.